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Chamberlain's Pain-Balm Bottle with Original Box & Contents

Chamberlain's Pain-Balm Bottle with Original Box & Contents

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This is a fabulous bottle and original box selection!  The bottle has it's original paper label printed "Chamberlain's / Pain Balm" with instructions for use on one side of the bottle. The other three sides are embossed; "Des Moines, IA. U.S.A." // "Chamberlain's / Pain-Balm"// "Chamberlain Med. Co.". The original cork is still in the bottle and the bottle is full of it's original contents. The paper 'box' is actually instructions and descriptions folded to act as a box wrapping.  The front of the 'box' is printed "Chamberlain's / Pain-Balm" with instructions similar to the label on the bottle.  It is written in English on the front and one side. The back and other side are written instructions in German, French, Bohemian, Hollandish, Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Norwegian.  The bottle is in wonderful condition, with no chips or bruises.  The paper box is showing signs of use - see photos.

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Cactus Joe

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