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Unlisted!! The Wears Jar

Unlisted!! The Wears Jar

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This is a great unlisted version of the Wears jar.  It is a pint sized, oval shaped, 5 1/4 inch tall jar that is clear in color.  The lid is embossed "Pat'd Feb 23-09 / KantKrack". The front of the jar has the word "Improved" embossed on the neck and below that, on the body of the jar, is an oval frame with a stippled background. In the frame is embossed "The / Wears / Jar". The base is embossed "Pat'd. Feb. 23, 09". This jar has a smooth lip glass lid & twin wire clamp closure.  A similar item is listed in the Red Book #2920 embossed PATENT not PATD. 




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